Live blog from Kansas regional auctioneer bid-call contest

KAA east regional bid-call contest contestants

KAA east regional bid-call contest contestants (from left to right) Lance Fullerton, Aaron Traffas, Dan Bales, Luke Hansen, John Kisner, Ty Mitchell; picture by Diane Poe

Leaving now for Abilene, Kansas, to the Kansas eastern region bid-call contest. This is our first event with CoverItLive, so we’ll see how it works! More within the hour!
Nearly to the fairgrounds. 7 contestants to compete. I’ll post a roster when I get there.

Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

Aaron Traffas, CAI, ATS, CES

90 degrees today. Going to be hot in the suit.

Lance Fullerton, John Kisner, myself and three other contestants. One no-show…looks like six total.

Ron Shivers selling chainsaw art pieces. Contest will begin soon.

Ty Mitchell starting as contestant 1.

Luke Hansen from Beloit selling second now.

third to sell is Dan Bales from Garden City.

I’m going forth. Here we go!

I just finished…feel ok about it.

John Kisner

John Kisner

Lance Fullerton now selling fifth.

Final contestant is John Kisner, selling sixth.

The PA system here in the barn is pretty aweful, but the simplified scoring system and lack of a finals round means we should have results soon!

Three judges are all from KAA hall of fame.

Final places: Lance Fullerton champion, John Kisner reserve champion.

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Microsoft releases another emergency update

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase

Last October, we shot out a heads-up regarding an out-of-band update from Microsoft. An out-of-band update is one that is released outside of the patch Tuesday update schedule, the well-known pattern Microsoft has established for releasing updates to its products on the second Tuesday of each month.

Today, Microsoft has released another out-of-band update. This update fixes a critical security hole in Internet Explorer that could allow an attacker to compromise a system and gain control over it. Microsoft doesn’t release out-of-band updates often, so when they do you can know that they’re fairly critical.

Read more about today’s critical update from Microsoft’s website.

Just because you’ve switched to Opera or Safari or Chrome or Firefox and don’t use Internet Explorer regularly doesn’t mean you should ignore this update. It’s our belief that IE is so integrated into so many parts of Windows that it’s much better to be safe than sorry. Updates are easy and you should check for them frequently and install them immediately. Here are a few tips.

  • If you’re still using XP, go to and install all available updates.
  • If you’re running Vista, congratulations. Windows Update is a start menu item and can be accessed from there.
  • If you’re running IE7, upgrade to IE8 even if you don’t regularly use Internet Explorer.

Microsoft isn’t the only company that releases updates. Last September, we wrote about a great service called Secunia that you can run to tell you what other programs on your computer have updates that are available. It would probably be a good idea to run their free web scan to check if you’re using an outdated version of Flash, Java, iTunes or any other program that has recently patched security holes.

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We’ve had our eye on recently-launched website for the last several days. A joint venture between Michigan auctioneers Scott Vander Kolk, Jr., and David Helmer, the site aims to promote the live auction industry through videos and blogs.

We caught up with Scott Vander Kolk and shot him a few, quick question.

What is

It’s a couple different things, really. It’s the culmination of hundreds of late-into-the-night phone calls between David and me. It’s also a place to watch how good other auctioneers are. But the core purpose of the is intended to be ground zero for all information related to the auction industry, a collection point for video, perspectives, information, articles, instructions, etc. Our contributor and friend Peter Gehres wrote a blog for our launch, titled “What is theAuctioneerchannel?” He said, “it is what we make of it.” I think he’s right on the money. If we can get our fellow auctioneers behind us by simply uploading some content, we can package our industry in a dynamic manner that will draw enormous interest and introduce ourselves to a larger audience.

When and why did you decide to build it?

When: I can’t say exactly for sure when the idea was initially thought of, according to YouTube I’ve had an account since Feb. of 2007. It was around then when we started talking about. In October of 2007 we put a video up with the logo in the introduction. We have been working on it ever since.  Why: At first just because we thought it would cool to have all auction videos in one place, but as ideas evolved we realized this could have enormous potential.

Who is the expected audience and what is your plan to promote the site to that audience?

That’d be you, your dad, your grandma, that dude with the funny eye that comes to every auction and doesnt buy anything – in short, I guess everybody, with a special hope that everybody includes lawyers, bankers, estate execs, auctiongoers, and potential auctiongoers. I suppose that is a little broad. Out-of-the-box we’d like the auctioneers and their faithful customers to start with and branch out from there.

What are the plans for the original programming?

We have some programming in the pipeline right now. We are shooting for a mix of informational and educational programming as our base and also some just plain entertaining stuff! Beyond the committments we have for shows we will probably be putting out a casting call sometime shortly for show ideas and individuals.

Other players in this area include the Auction Network and the National Auction Broadcast Network. The piece that makes theAuctioneerchannel different is that there doesn’t seem to be corporate involvement. Because it’s created by auctioneers and uses content sourced from the community – coupled with the fact that uploading that content is free to the users – it has a better chance of being widely adopted by auctioneers. The challenge will be expanding the audience outside of auctioneers, and only time will tell how attractive the site will become to non-auctioneer consumers.

All in all, our initial impression of the concept and direction it’s taking is quite favorable. The model will be very attractive to auctioneers, the creaters and writing staff are loyal to the industry and the auction method of marketing, and the site is simple and easy to navigate. looks like it could be a great public relations tool for the live auction industry.

UPDATE 12:30pm David Helmer responded to the same set of interview questions. Here are his responses.

TheAuctioneerChannel is a video outlet where the auction industry can be represented in all its forms. A virtual free-for-all for what is out there. We want people to see what’s happening from the auctioneers perspective.

The website was the brainchild of Scott Vander kolk Jr. and me. He had a vision for what could be done and I was very interested in seeing where we could take it. This site is really what it says it is – “capturing the culture of the auction industry”. We have no agenda, just trying to tell the story.

The audience is auctioneers, potential sellers, buyers, and hopefully the new group of viral surfers. We have a few big ides to roll out, but the one that makes sense and will hopefully take off is video profiles of every auctioneer. We have the hope that potential buyers could use this as a sort of yellow pages. Also, we want to promote auctioneers and work with associations and anybody that will have us to promote the industry. Can you imagine if every time you were introduced to do a benefit auction or at a speaking engagement they played a short video of you, made by you, telling who you were and what you do? It would be great. We hope to be that medium.

As far as original programming we have a lot in the hopper. We want some to be educational and some to be entertaining – sort of video blogs, how to, what’s it going to bring and more.

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Auction Video Podcast Episode 1 – Auction Flex

The first episode of the Auction Video Podcast features Brandon Harker from Auction Flex. We recorded the Auction Podcast Episode 9 with Brandon to discuss Auction Flex, but this year they debuted a monster new feature. The upcoming version of Auction Flex will feature self-check-in kiosks that will allow customers to register themselves for live auctions. The auctioneer can require a picture and / or a credit card swipe before registration is allowed.

Learn more about Auction Flex at

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Auction Video Podcast

We took some time during the 60th International Auctioneers Conference and Show in Kansas City to roam the trade show floor to talk with the exhibiting vendors about their products and services. We didn’t make it to every booth, as some had already packed up by the time we started on Saturday, but we saw several familiar vendors and products as well as some exciting new offerings.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be releasing these short video clips as part of the Auction Podcast. If you already subscribe using iTunes, Miro or other podcasting software, you shouldn’t have to do anything differently. If you don’t subscribe, you’ll also always have the ability to play the videos from the Video section or the Auction Podcast page.

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